Keyed Vs. Keyless Locks: Which Is The Best Locking System For Your Home?

13 November 2020
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Residential locking systems have evolved over the past decade. Keyless systems have gained popularity over the traditional keyed locks. If you're investing in new locks, you may wonder whether to choose keyed or keyless locks. Which factors should inform your decision? Below are the main issues to consider when choosing the best locking system for your home. Safety and Security The primary purpose of a lock is to secure your home. Read More 

Safeguard Your Healthcare Facility With An Access Control System

22 July 2020
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Patient care should also include protecting one of their most important assets — their information. As a medical practice, it is important that you constantly look for ways to safeguard your patient's information. Have you considered how much an access control system can help you move towards this goal? Learn why these systems are an excellent way for hospitals, medical offices, and all healthcare facilities to safeguard patient information.   Information Protection Read More 

Combination Locks Vs. Keypads

30 March 2020
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When you think about a lock, the first type that might come to mind is a lock that is accompanied by a key. However, there are many other types of locks that are opened without a key and come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Combination Locks A combination lock is one of the more old fashioned types of keyless locks. A combination lock has tens of thousands of possible combinations. Read More