Keyed Vs. Keyless Locks: Which Is The Best Locking System For Your Home?

13 November 2020
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Residential locking systems have evolved over the past decade. Keyless systems have gained popularity over the traditional keyed locks. If you're investing in new locks, you may wonder whether to choose keyed or keyless locks. Which factors should inform your decision? Below are the main issues to consider when choosing the best locking system for your home.

Safety and Security

The primary purpose of a lock is to secure your home. Thus, whichever choice you opt for should offer maximum safety and security. The market offers a variety of high-quality keyed and keyless locking systems for residential use. Sturdy keyed locks such as deadbolts are incredible as a burglary deterrent. Similarly, keyless systems are only accessible via a code. Thus, anyone who doesn't have the code cannot access your home.

When evaluating your home's safety, look beyond the quality of the system. With keyed locks, security can be compromised when one member of the family loses their keys. Here, the only way to secure your home would be to re-key your exterior locks. This wouldn't be a concern if you had a keyless entry system.

Tracking Capabilities

How amazing would it be to track movement in and out of your home? If you would like to monitor your kids, a locking system with tracking capabilities would come in handy. Keyless systems beat keyed locks in access control and tracking. The ability to connect the smart lock to a smart device allows access monitoring. You can tell when someone activates the lock.

Besides keeping tabs on your property when you're not home, you can boost security with this feature. If someone attempts to access your house in your absence, you can act fast and prevent theft. With a keyed system, there's no way to track access. Anyone who has a key can access your home and potentially steal your valuables.


Are you tired of carrying around a bunch of keys? Are you worried about losing and replacing house keys all the time? A keyless system is one of the most convenient options today. Keyed locks require some level of responsibility and care. If you forget your keys at the office, you have to drive back. If your kid loses their keys at school, you have to come home and open the door for them. 

With a keyless system, you can say goodbye to these inconveniences. Just memorize the entry code, and you're good to go! If your child, a loved one, or a friend needs access to your home, you only need to give them the passcode. 

Both keyed and keyless locking systems are ideal for residential use. However, keyless locks offer more benefits to a homeowner. A locksmith can advise you if you need to upgrade your current locking mechanism.