Safeguard Your Healthcare Facility With An Access Control System

22 July 2020
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Patient care should also include protecting one of their most important assets — their information. As a medical practice, it is important that you constantly look for ways to safeguard your patient's information. Have you considered how much an access control system can help you move towards this goal? Learn why these systems are an excellent way for hospitals, medical offices, and all healthcare facilities to safeguard patient information.  

Information Protection

The average healthcare facility has everything from detailed records about a patient's health history to their confidential financial information. If any of this information ends up in the wrong hands, it can be devastating for the patient and your facility.

Access control systems limit access to secured areas. As a result, employees or visitors at your facility who do not have authorization to access certain areas cannot do so. This restriction alone is an excellent way to keep patient records and files safely away from the wrong hands. 


Another benefit of access control systems is that each user is often required to have an individual keycode or keycard. Not only does this type of system allow you to terminate an employee's access immediately, but it also provides a great deal of accountability, in that you will have a constant record of who accesses these areas and when.

In the event that some files came up missing, you would be able to review the access control system's log to see which employees were in the area when the information was misplaced. 

Continuity and Productivity

A healthcare facility operates with a large number of moving parts, and only when each person is focused on their assigned tasks do things move about efficiently. Access control systems can help your facility's operational continuity and productivity by keeping employees away from areas where they do not need to be.

For example, if you have an access control system for a supply room, you do not have to worry about employees that do not work in this area using the room as a place to lounge or congregate. Only employees with a reason to be in the area can be there. As a result, employees will be more focused on their assigned responsibilities.

If you want to enhance security in your healthcare facility, speak with a commercial locksmith professional who can discuss your access control system options and assist you with all your installation needs.