5 Door Lock Options For Your Commercial Doors

10 January 2023
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The perfect commercial door lock keeps your business premises safe from break-ins, and its choice largely depends on your needs and budget. Discover a few top lock options that are ideal for your business doors.

1. Cylindrical Locks

Your interior commercial doors that don't require heavy security can do well with cylindrical locks. The locks can have a lever or knob handle on both sides of your commercial doors. Besides, you can use cylindrical locks with only a key or through the combination of a key and a push button. Cylindrical locks also come in various styles to fit different aesthetics.

2. Mortise Locks

Resistant to forced entry, mortise locks have a strike plate with a deadbolt inside the lock. The location of the deadbolt makes the lock harder to break into without a key. Mortise locks are durable and can easily adapt to different industries and scenarios. The durability of the mortise type makes the lock suitable for commercial doors that are prone to heavy foot traffic.

3. Keypad Door Locks

As the name suggests, the locks have a numbered keypad where you key in a combination to open your doors. Some keypad door locks have no numbers, so you push the buttons in a sequence to open the door. With keypad door locks, you don't have to worry that you or your employees will lose the keys. The locks are also complex for thieves or burglars to break.

4. Electric Strike Locks

The electric strike locks require a passcode, badge, or biometrics such as a fingerprint to open. You can choose a fail-safe or fail-secure lock. For a fail-secure lock, your door remains locked during a blackout. However, the fail-safe option unlocks your commercial door during a power outage. You can also team up electric strike locks with other lock types to allow usage and security even during outages.

5. Crash Bar/Panic Bar

Crash bars have a handle or bar that you press to open the door. You can use panic bar locks for your commercial door in various capacities but mostly in places prone to emergencies. Such areas include locations with specific fire requirements or heat requirements. Panic bars are simple to operate and facilitate faster evacuation during a fire or other emergencies.

As discussed above, you have several lock options to choose from for your commercial door. To determine the best option, consider your business type and the level of security needed. If you need help deciding which kind of lock to consider, seek the services of a commercial locksmith.