Locksmith Services: Beyond Duplicity

4 May 2021
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If you require a duplicate key for your home or vehicle, turning to a locksmith to get an extra key made will likely seem like common sense. However, you may not be aware of the fact that the services of your local locksmith go far beyond simple key duplicating. Below you can learn more about some of the other services that many locksmiths have to offer that can help you through a variety of situations.


If you have recently lost your keys or if you are concerned that someone may have gained access to your keys that you do not want to have them, re-keying your locks may be just the solution you need. Rather than replacing your entire lock, a locksmith is able to alter the inner workings of your lock so that a new key can be created and prevent the old key from being able to be used to successfully open the lock. In many cases, choosing to use these re-keying services can prove much more affordable than having to replace your locks altogether. This is especially true if you have invested in high-end locks for your home or vehicle.

Key Replacement & Repair

Another issue that people often face is that they are unable to access locked items simply because they either do not have the key for the lock or the key they have has become damaged and no longer works properly. In these situations, locksmith services can be used to create a copy of the key by taking a mold of the lock's interior and then using that mold to create a key that will open it. This can be an especially valuable service for individuals who routinely deal with antiques since the keys for locking mechanisms on items such as antique desks and safes will often be lost over time. A skilled locksmith will be able to fashion a replacement key for these locks without damaging the actual lock in the process. 

 Lock Picking

In some cases, you may not require a key at all. Instead, you simply may need to gain access to a locked door, safe, or other locked item. In these situations, a locksmith will be able to assist you thanks to their ability to effectively pick a variety of locking mechanisms. 

When visiting a locksmith to request lock picking services, you should be prepared to provide proof of ownership. By requiring you to prove you have the legal right to access the locked items, the locksmith is not only protecting themselves from any potential legal problems, but they are actually helping to protect your belongings as well by making sure that no unauthorized individuals are able to gain access to your items without your permission.