Improving The Effectiveness Of Your Commercial Locks

25 August 2018
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Businesses will have valuable equipment, products, and sensitive data that will need to be safeguarded. Being able to effectively lock the doors can be one of the first steps in securing your business.

Minimize The Number Of Employees With Keys

Having a large number of employees that have their own sets of keys can be a major security risk. Companies that have a large number of employees with keys may find that it is a regular occurrence for the keys to be lost or stolen. Ideally, only senior-level members of management should have access to keys to sensitive areas. It is also important to implement a policy to require keys that are lost to be reported immediately so that the locks can be changed or rekeyed.

Upgrade To A Double-Cylinder Deadbolt

Deadbolts can be an extremely secure type of lock. However, these locks can be compromised if a person breaks the window. A double-cylinder deadbolt will provide enhanced security due to the fact that a key must be used on both the exterior and interior sides of the locks. The costs of upgrading to these types of deadbolt will be minor enough that businesses of almost any size can take advantage of this particular lock design.

Understand The Common Ways Locks May Be Circumvented

Sadly, there are some ways that a modern lock can be circumvented. Breaking windows to release the lock from the interior, picking the lock and stealing keys are all potential risks. For the doors that are the most important for your business's security, it is important to install complimentary backup locks that will make it more difficult for individuals to circumvent this first line of defense. An example of this can be opting for biometric or combination locks to supplement traditional key-based locks.

Invest In Monitoring Systems For Your Locks

It is possible to invest in monitoring systems that will document any usage of your locks. This can make it easy to review the access logs in the event that your business experiences an unauthorized entry. These monitoring systems may also be combined with security cameras to record individuals that attempt to tamper with the locks.

Considering the valuable possessions that commercial locks protect, you should give ample attention to this part of your building. The installation of monitoring systems, upgrading to double-cylinder deadbolt locks, taking steps to prevent the locks from being circumvented and restricting the employees with access to the keys can all be steps that may improve the overall security of your enterprise.

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