Home Security Measures For Your Outdoor Shed

26 October 2017
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Part of keeping your home secure is ensuring that your tool or gardening shed is also secure. If you have high-value tools, or if you simply want to make sure that no one can access your shed without your permission, you might want to put a few extra security measures in place. Here are a few things you can do with the help of your locksmith:

Add An Alarm

You don't necessarily have to wire your shed to your home's existing security system. Instead, consider a simple alarm that detects motion. When the door is opened, the alarm will trigger. The loud noise can scare off potential thieves, and it can also alert you to the fact that someone is on your property. If your shed has windows, you may want to add separate alarms for the windows and door.

Install A Security Bar

A security bar is a special type of locking device that fits across your shed's door. It sits on the outside of the door and features a long metal bar that covers the width of the door frame. This bar prevents thieves from being able to pick the handset lock, as the bar keeps the door from opening. It is important that the door to your shed opens out in order for this type of locking mechanism to work. Your locksmith can install the bar and help you to find the right type of padlock to keep it securely in place.

Use Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting around your shed can provide multiple benefits. The lighting can illuminate your yard for late-night projects or for outdoor parties, and it can also eliminate dark areas where potential thieves can hide on your property. Consider adding a light over the entrance, and install additional upward lighting in the ground around the shed. The upward lights provide the added illumination that brightens your yard, and it also adds a beautiful look to your property as well.

Window Bars

If you have a large shed with windows, you can protect it against potential break-ins my using burglar bars on the windows. The bars can prevent someone from breaking the windowpanes to gain access to the interior of the shed. You can find these bars in a range of design styles to match your home's overall design theme.

Have your locksmith inspect your shed for any vulnerabilities, and put these ideas to use in protecting your tools, outdoor toys, and other personal items from theft or damage. Contact a company like Carlsbad Village Lock & Key for more information and assistance.