Five Things To Know About Replacing Your Car Keys

29 August 2017
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Replacing car keys is a common service locksmiths provide and it's usually because a car key has become lost or broken. Luckily, many times, a new key can be made for you right on the spot once you call a locksmith to your location. However, there are other situations where this isn't possible. Here are five things you need to know:

  1. Classic Cars are the Easiest: Classic cars are the easiest when it comes to replacing a key. The reason for this is that a locksmith can either replace the key by making an impression of the ignition or, if you have a broken key, they can use that broken key to make a new one unless it's severely damaged. 
  2. Motorcycles are Also Easy: If you need to replace a key for your motorcycle, this is also easy since a locksmith can also make an impression of the ignition in this case, as well. It's even easier since motorcycles don't have to be unlocked by a locksmith to get an impression of the ignition, which happens when someone is locked out of their vehicle because their key is damaged. 
  3. Modern Car Keys Can be Replaced Quick: Many modern keys can easily be replaced since the key blanks are pretty readily available for locksmiths. For this reason, there may be a chance that your local locksmith can quickly make one for you. 
  4. Transponder Keys May Not be Able to be Replaced by a Locksmith: While some locksmiths have the technology to replace a transponder key, not all will because it is fairly expensive. If you need to replace this type of key, it's important to be prepared to pay a higher cost for it. However, some locksmiths may have temporary solutions for you until you are able to get to a dealer to replace the key, which may be a bit more affordable. It never hurts to call a locksmith, though to see what they can do. 
  5. Remote Keys Might Need to be Order: When it comes to replacing a remote key, while your locksmith can do it, it might need to be ordered, which means it might take a while before it arrives. However, some locksmiths order these keys ahead of time to be able to replace as soon as they get a call that one is needed, so it doesn't hurt to call around. 

When you know these five things, you know what kind of situation you are facing so that you can be better prepared for what you need to do to get a replacement key. Visit a site like for more help.