Tips For Securing Your New Home And Protecting Your Belongings From Theft

27 July 2017
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If the ink is dry on your home-buying papers and you finally have the keys to your new house in your hand, then now it is time for you to secure your house so it is safe for your family to move into. While you may be tempted to start moving in your stuff, first you need to spend some time ensuring your belongings are safe from theft and your family members are safe when they are home alone. To this end, follow these tips:

Tip: Change All of Your Exterior Door Locks and Ensure All Windows Have Working Locks

The first step in securing your new home is to have all of the exterior locks re-keyed by a locksmith from a company like Ability Lock & Key. Since many different people could have keys to your home, changing the locks is vitally important. While the locksmith is at your house, take a walk around the entire property and check each window to make sure they also have working locks. Sliding glass doors also need to have secure locks. If any of these locks are missing, then have the locksmith install them while they are at your house.

Tip: Trim Back Overgrown Landscaping From Around Windows and Doors

If your home has overgrown landscaping that is blocking your new home's windows and doors, then it needs to be cut back. Overgrown landscaping can be damaging to your home's structure and decreases your family's safety. The vegetation needs to be kept away from the foundation and walls so it doesn't damage the home's siding and foundation. Additionally, the vegetation needs to be trimmed back so no one can hide in it.

Tip: Install Exterior Motion Security Lights

One of the things criminals hate the most is light. Before you move into your house, you should install motion security lights on the exterior perimeter of your home. The lights will come on if anyone gets near you home and will scare away would-be thieves.

Tip: Install Security Cameras in Inconspicuous Places

If your home is ever broken into, you will want to have security camera footage to pass along to the police to help them catch the perpetrators. Rather than installing obvious cameras on the outside of your home, install them in inconspicuous places where criminals won't see and damage them. Finally, opt for cameras that connect to your home's internet service so you can monitor them when you are away from home on vacation or at work.