How Locksmiths Help With Child Safety at Home

30 March 2017
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Home should be a place where you can let your children roam without fear that they will get seriously injured. But before that can be the case, you will likely need to use locksmith services to improve the security in parts of your home. Here are some of the things locksmith services can do to increase your home's safety and make it more appropriate for children.

Keeping Children from Accessing Doorknobs

You might think that just having the doorknobs placed high enough will deter children from getting to the doorknob and accidentally going outside. But even children at a young age are learning how to stack objects to reach an item they are interested in. Take an added measure for security and install door knob covers that make it harder for children to operate outside doors. Also, make sure that your doorknobs are secured tightly; the added grip power needed to turn a secure doorknob may be enough to keep children away from the knobs.

Using Safes

Some items are just not meant for children, and you can do yourself a favor by putting these items out of the way in a safe. Safes can be secure and also easy for you to access when you need your items; installing an electronic pin pad is one of the most convenient ways to both keep people out and allow you to quickly get in.

Using Access Control

You could also look into access control systems that permit you to control how people use certain smart home features. They could be used to control stovetops or thermostats. They can also be used to restrict access to certain entryways while you are not around.

Installing Electronic Locks

Another helpful tool for both you and your children is electronic locks. When your children are old enough to get their own keys, you might want to consider electronic locks as an alternative. If your child loses a key, it won't be a big security threat. If someone enters your home, you can be alerted through the interface of your electronic locks. And you can reset the programming whenever you want in order to wipe the slate clean on who has access. That will simply require you to enter new pin codes.

All of these features and more can be added by local locksmith services like Action Lock & Safe. Get a consultation to see what secure home features would benefit you and your child most.