3 Of The Biggest Reasons People Get Locked Out Of Their Cars And How To Avoid Them

23 March 2017
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If there is one thing that can throw a hitch in your daily plans, it is accidentally locking yourself out of your own car. Unfortunately, this is an occurrence that is bound to happen to you at one point or another if your are a constant driver. Even though locking yourself out of your car is often just an oversight on your part or a moment of forgetfulness, there are other reasons that people do this as well. Take a look at these most common reasons drivers get locked out of their vehicles and what you need to know to avoid these situations yourself. 

A vehicle owner fails to have a spare key for their vehicle. 

It is always a good idea to have more than just one key for your vehicle. When you think about it, a car key is a pretty small thing that is easily lost or misplaced, so it is really easy to lose. When you first buy a car, if it does not have two keys with it, it is well worth the expense to get another key made for the vehicle. If your car has a wireless entry key fob or keyless start, it is still a good idea to have a spare entry method. 

A vehicle owner has a bad habit of locking the car doors manually. 

If you do have a set of keys that has a wireless entry fob that unlocks the car doors with the push of a button, it is best to only use this fob to lock and unlock the doors. This ensures that you never lock the car doors while the keys are still inside. If you consistently use the manual buttons to lock the doors, there is a good chance you will one day get out of the vehicle and leave your keys either dangling in the ignition or laying in the seat. 

A vehicle owner shares their keys with other drivers. 

It is fine to share your vehicle with other people, but if this is a regular habit of yours, you really do need to be careful. Other people who drive your car may not be as conscious about keeping up with your keys or returning your keys when they are done. Plus, it is not at all uncommon for a locksmith to have to be involved when couples have disputes and one or the other is holding onto a vehicle's keys.