Three Things You Can Do Now To Keep Your College Freshman Safe

19 July 2019
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If you're like most proud parents, you're going to be experiencing a bittersweet mixture of satisfaction, joy, and apprehension as your child takes that first step toward full-fledged adulthood when she drives away from your home toward her first year of college. You're undoubtedly brimming with hope for her future and are confident that you raised her well — but at the same time, you're worried about various mishaps that young adults may not handle well due to lack of experience. Read More 

Locked out of Your Car? 4 Reasons Why You’re Better off Hiring a Locksmith

12 March 2019
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If you've locked yourself out of the car, you may think that your best bet is to try and get back inside on your own. However, that's not necessarily the case. In fact, you're actually better off calling a locksmith for emergency automotive lockout opening to take care of your lockout. Here are just four of the reasons why you should hire a locksmith to handle your car lockout. No Need to Look for Tools Read More